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Feb. 23rd, 2014


Still intact !

Been awhile since I tried to see if I could post here. So far, so good... though slow as hell. Still working on finding myself, now also working on my health, as it sucks. Watching Daytona 500 as I type and feeling bad for Danica Patrick. The shot of her head snapping back and forth in that wreck was quite unpleasant to watch for me... I am still the shakiest driver around. Anyhow... if I can remember to pop in here I will try to update some. Most my online energy has definitely gone to Facebook as of late.

Oct. 10th, 2013


Dayy-ummmm !

The last time I posted here was just after my birthday. It took me several tries to be able to post. Now I come back and I have a blank post with four tags and two comments. I know I did not edit or delete it. I will try to keep up in comments and communities... but when it gets to the point that my posts become invisible it seems like it is time to wave the white flag. Poop.

Sep. 25th, 2013


As autumn approaches...

... I suddenly recall that I have an LJ blog. I know, I am a bad person.

I did find one instantly gratifying thing about FB : On my birthday and the day before I was bombarded with birthday wishes and found myself online and on my page for most of the weekend. It was pretty cool.

Ready for summer to end (my cooler has suddenly sprung a water leak from the supply pipe... if I can get by for a couple more weeks then I can ignore it till next spring). Yes, I do believe in the old adage, why do today what you may be able to postpone for quite awhile (I think Benjamin Franklin's lazy brother Bubba Franklin said that).

Working on my weight, though not as seriously as I should I still have quite a bit of junk food in the house and I have no intention of tossing it. I have been making small replacements of healthier snacks, healthier entrees, etc. and have no intention of jumping off the deep end. I just need less sugar, less fat, and far less caffeine in my life. I think the caffeine part is going to be tough. Just cutting down so far this week has made me an irritable and headache-ridden mess (Oh but my whining is getting to be "just so").

I liked the end of Big Brother even though I did not like the winner... he just was the best player. Now I am focusing on Survivor which does not look like it will be near as interesting a season. Hopefully The Amazing Race will be as good as last season. Yeah, still a reality TV junkie.

Not a lot else to say. I have very much been just going through the motions each day... I need to change that mindset. I need to find a couple small goals I can accomplish to help start turning my attitude more positive that I might accomplish some bigger goals. I no longer wish to be a zombie. It simply will not suffice.

Sep. 13th, 2013



I have always thought of Friday the 13th as a good day for me, and Jeff Gordon getting added as the 13th driver in the Chase for the Cup on this day certainly rocks for me. I am glad they did something as last week was such an aberration. Thanks for the heads-up spinpsychle.

Spent all day waiting for a call that never came from an insurance company. But, enough about that.... no whining today.

Just over a week till I turn 53... and that number seems really huge today.

That's it... not a lot happening right now but housecleaning. Yeah, I know.

Sep. 8th, 2013


Yada yada yada

Well, certainly not the best sports weekend for me. First Jeff Gordon misses out on the Chase by two points, losing it to Lipstick Logano, then my Arizona Cardinals blow a game they really should have won. Arrrgh, not a promising start to the season to blow that lead. I must admit though, when we protect Carson Palmer it appears that we finally have a real quarterback again.

My mood is improving and I am getting more sleep (or, my mood is improving because I am getting more sleep). We had a real nice rain here today and the temperature has gotten much more reasonable. Looks like more rain on the horizon and I guess that's okay other than the yard work it will cause. I really hate anything outside... but things like mowing, trimming and weeding top the list of hated things.

Sep. 4th, 2013


Howdy and All That Jazz

Not a lot to report, but wanted to update (vent... not whine).

Since the accident I have been sleeping poorly and my mood has gotten pretty caustic. I seem to have no patience and even less attention span. I am hoping that by next week the summer's fury will lessen and I will find my "balance" again.

Been reading again. Burned through the whole "The Hunger Games" trilogy and have to say the first book was not bad, but the second was lame and the third only good in a couple places. Overall there was simply too much after the first book that even I could predict chapters before it happened. Bah humbug.

I found one interesting thing about FB that I did not expect... suddenly running into someone that I dated for a bit. I was in an odd mood and just went "name surfing" and saw her profile / pic. Of course, for every name I successfully find there must be at least ten I do not find a hint of. I always wonder if everyone of my age has the same percentage luck (I have to assume I am a couple generations to early to be truly "embedded" with my favorite people in the web-o-sphere).

That's about all for now. Really in the mood for a couple cool days and some pizza. I can take care of the latter tomorrow... hope nature sees to the former.

Aug. 11th, 2013


Strange Dream Time Again

I have been having many strange dreams with the severe insomnia and inability to stay asleep once I fall ... this one stood out because it was not realistic, yet scared the hell out of me.

I was out on the street outside of the complex I lived in when it started to snow... but not flakes of snow... it was like someone was overturning various large boxes of well-packed wet snow. It hit the skylight of my place while I was ducking for cover and broke the thing wide open. After a couple minutes it turned to rain and by the time I got to my place it was flooding inside. Icy cold water everywhere and everything knocked about. The maintenance people were there with friends in seconds flat ... not bothering to knock and walking around as if my privacy was of no issue. I woke then...

Dang, when I mentioned Jeff Gordon going up to 9th I put the Lonsdale jinx on him ... went down to lucky #13 in the standings in a single week. Damn... I should just root for Kyle Busch and destroy his chances.

I wonder if anyone believed that the end of The Bachelorette was anything but phony ? I would have bet though that Juan Pablo got the new Bachelor gig. Maybe this season will be a little better. I know if they keep my attention past the first three episodes then they have me hooked. Yeah, when it comes to reality TV I am easy. I wonder when the next Bachelor Pad or whatever is... this season of The Bachelorette had just the kind of snarky, backstabbing, and snitching egomaniacs and cry-babies that would make for an ideal season (the women always manage to perfectly oblige the show... hard to get enough snarky guys to fill the void).

Arrrrgh ... kid sister just turned 50. How the hell did I get THAT old ?

Aug. 4th, 2013


Go Jeff Go !

With the second place finish today Jeff Gordon moves up to 9th in the Sprint Cup standings. I would love to see him get a win or two, but hope for sure he makes the Chase.

Looks like some of the issues posting here might be getting fixed (Insert a tentative "Yay !" emoticon here). I was able to use the return to end a paragraph for the first time in weeks.

How could you ? How could you do that to Desiree ?

That's about it. Getting a bitt bored with Big Brother and hoping the Double Eviction this week either brings a surprise or at least ruffles some feathers in the power group... it has to soon as the numbers are diminishing in the intended target pool.

Thanks Mike ! Class move !

Jul. 25th, 2013


Quick Update Time

The summer is certainly kicking my teeth down my throat this year. Before next summer I really need to work on a healthier diet, losing some weight, and, if possible getting a more comfortable bed for more sleep. Age is not going to decrease so I need to work on more positive factors in my health.

As for television : Loving The Bachelorette .... I hope she marries / chooses Brooks and liking Big Brother ... watching a spanking on TV is perfect for me. Yes, I am THAT guy. Also really enjoying Under the Dome so far ... cool... and, despite my misgivings I am finding Camp to be the best sitcom on TV IMHO. Just dorky enough and not all "pull my finger" humor.

When I het back to posting my Bucket List I am definitely going to make sure I add "Entering a Scrabble tournament" to it. I will, of course, fall on my face... but it is just something I now have an intense desire to do.

The posting problems here are not improving, so I have been diddling around a little with Facebook. Strange thing is that friends have been telling me how with it I can know what is going on with them... yeah, right (insert smarmy rolleyes). I can know what game they are playing, what cat cartoon they like, and, if I dig deeply, what books and movies they like. Oh well, maybe I can figure a way to do both.

Jul. 11th, 2013


Bits 'n' Pieces

First and foremost... Happy Birthday to Valerie. So very glad to have you in my life.

I loved seeing Michael leave The Bachelorette ! He was such a weasel and snitch. I think that Zak may go next... only because Brooks seems destined for the end and Drew and Chris each seem to have a better chemistry with her (and Zak is strange looking).

Not finding the new twist on Big Brother with three nominees and America's MVP to be really a good thing. Plus, to fit all the extra crap in we are seeing so much less of the little crap like when the Have Nots eats their slop and strange foods. I like seeing them suffer (Schadenfreude !) through gross food and slop!

That's all for now. A miserably hot summer is morphing into a more miserably hot summer as humidity levels go up. Did get sprinkled on today while mowing... actually felt awesome.

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